Question Graveyard
December 20, 2019

We review every question submitted for professionalism. If it's not workplace appropriate, it doesn't go live. If we filter your question, it comes here to the Question Graveyard. Below, we offer the original, unprofessional question followed by the better version that would have been approved. We post them here so you and everyone can learn how to ask questions professionally and get the most out of Orange Box.  

Why don’t our a**h&%le executives ever tell us what’s going on? They just sit up in their offices and yak, while we’re down here toiling away working on things that don’t seem connected to why this company exists!
How does our work in [area] connect to what's most important for the company? It's hard to tell and we don't get clear information from the top. That is frustrating.
January 10th, 2020
Who the f*@^ decided we couldn't have Diet Coke anymore? This is bull$7!t.
While it's tempting to ban sodas that get a bad rap in nutrition circles, why can't we stock national brands of drinks, like Diet Coke, that are responsibly enjoyed by many millions of adults?