About Us


Orange Box is an app that lets you ask an anonymous question about your company, pick which leader you want to answer it, and see the leader’s answer (or see that the leader hasn’t answered). It’s 100% anonymous for askers and all questions and answers about a company are only visible to auth'd-in employees of that company. 

All questions are checked for professionalism before they are posted on orangebox.com. We believe honesty and anonymity can also be professional. For example, no swearing, abusive, or demeaning language. Be direct and be strong in your voice, but don't tip over into ad hominem attacks or unprofessional whining.


Questions are anonymous: we never associate a question with the asker either in our database or visibly on the site. Ask-ers auth-in with a quick check of their G-suite credential. Once auth'd-in, your activity is anonymous. Read Q&A for your company, upvote / downvote, or ask a question with zero attribution to your real identity. No one will know what you do here, not even us. There is one exception to all this anonymity: leaders who answer questions will see a byline on their answer, however. Holding leaders accountable for their words is key.

Orangebox was created by Michael Dearing, Patricia Yen, Jeff Herman, and Dane Summers. We are four colleagues who believe simple applications can make work better. Orangebox is owned by Traitorous 8 Studios, Inc.